>Jessica Watson home again, but no record.

>Jessica Watson returned home to Sydney Harbor on Saturday to a crowd of thousands after sailing alone and unassisted around the world in seven months.  An amazing achievement by any account and yet not a record according to the world sail speed record governing body.  It seems that in order to earn the record itself, she would have had to sail a minimum number of miles that would have taken her higher into the northern hemisphere than she did in actuality.   This link provides a video of the reasoning behind the ruling.  To me, and thousands of others who welcomed her back to Sydney, her achievement is, non the less, an amazing feat by any measure.

This video is a very touching view of her homecoming and first steps on land.   More to come I am sure in the coming days.

It’s going to be a difficult transition for many, including me, as we have to adjust to a “Jessica blog free world” now that she has returned home.   Oh well. 

What an amazing achievement.

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