So, who are Bob and Brenda?

Bob and Brenda, owners of Pandora, an Aerodyne 47 composite “go fast” cruising sailboat split our time between home near the CT River with winters aboard Pandora since I retired in 2012.   As a sort of modified snowbird couple, we have cruised together for nearly 40 years for summer vacations while I was working and now for the winters down south.

While Brenda is a self described “cream puff” and more of a landlubber, she agrees to spend time with me aboard as it is my passion.  Frankly, she’d rather be home working on her passion, weaving and just about anything else fiber related, something that she has focused on for much of adult life.  She does practice her “fiber arts” aboard when we travel but we have limited space aboard Pandora, as you’d imagine on a small boat.

You might say that there are two of us enjoying my dream for nearly 40 years now.  Of course, I have spent all that time doing my best to make it fun for her too.  So far, so good. Brenda and I met in algebra class our junior year of high school (she sat two rows in front and two seats to the left) and have sailed together on a succession of boats since the mid 70s.   How is it that we look so young (say yes) when we have done this for so long?  Perhaps it’s the salt air. Hmm…

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