>Jessica Watson to arrive home on the 15th.

>After seven months at sea Jessica Watson is scheduled to arrive back home on May 15th after having circumnavigated the globe on a small boat with no outside assistance.  This is a major feat for anyone and especially for someone so young.  Jessica is only 16 years old. There has been considerable controversy about someone so young making such a voyage.  I, for one, am really impressed with how she has handled herself and with her crew for making sure that she had a boat that was easy on her, as easy as ocean sailing can be.

Jess’s trip has been widely followed in Australia with regular television interviews and even a call from the Prime Minister on “Australia Day” a while back.  Because of a desire to bring her in to port at a predictable time, she has made a point of timing her arrival for May 15th, tomorrow.  

I, for one, will miss following her voyage and will surely have a bit of withdrawal when she stops posting.   Today’s post, Thursday, is a particularly good one and worth reading.  While I know that she has been well coached to always put her best foot forward, it surely comes through that she has had a life changing experience.  In some ways she has changed things for many who have followed her for this last seven months.

Brenda and I surely wish that we could be there to welcome her home.  It’s been fun to follow along.

A video of a discussion with Jessica, her Mother as well as port officials was posted today and it certainly provides evidence of how her trip has captured the imagination of Australia.  I can only imagine how excited she, and her mother, must be. 

Here’s to one tough, determined lady, Jessica Watson on Ella’s Pink Lady about to complete a successful circumnavigation of the globe…alone.

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