St Michaels MD, a wonderful spot to visit.

It’s Wednesday and we are enjoying 0ur visit to St Michaels MD.   It’s nice to be able to spend more than a day exploring an area and being here for three days is a real treat.  Yesterday morning Brenda and I went for a walk through one of the historic areas and enjoyed taking pictures of some of the lovely homes.  It’s nice to see a neighborhood where everyone takes good care of their homes.

We like front porches and use ours in Essex CT on a regular basis.  However, this area takes porches to a whole new level.   I particularly love the palms on this porch. 

This porch is nicely color coordinated too. 

Brenda particularly liked this wreath.  She’s all about details.
I liked the use of the flower border near the driveway.  Not a big front porch but a nice looking home.
This might be our favorite home in the area.   We have taken photos of it in the past.  Love those columns. This While we were walking down near the waterfront, we spied this lovely launch based on a Crosby hull, a style that is often used as a yacht club launch in a simpler configuration.What beautiful varnish work.  You can easily imagine having a small cocktail party on this table aft.  Note the beautiful hand water pump.   It looks like the owner keeps the brass polished too. As we were headed through Kent Narrows on our way to St Michaels, the Globo Surf used a short cut that goes under the bay bridge, we were, as always, struck with how close the mast head comes to the bottom of the bridge.  All bridges on the ICW are supposed to be built to a minimum 65′ clearance.  This one is 67′ I am told but it really looked close to me.  Yikes!!!  So, how close is close?  Our mast is 63′ and with gear on top, we clear most bridges with less than two feet to spare.   Not a lot of margin of error.  As we approached the bridge at high tide, and one that was a bit higher than usual, we decided to stop and have lunch at a local eatery and wait for the tide to shift and get a bit lower.   We enjoyed lunch overlooking a busy waterway in Kent Narrows. Unlike up north, where dock space is more at a premium, there are plenty of spots where you can pull up and get free dockage while you eat lunch.  In this case, we docked for several hours while the tide went down a bit.   I always like shots of Pandora along side on a sunny day. There was also a commercial packer for crabs and oysters.  I was able to get into the oyster sorting room.  That’s a lot of oysters.  Nice guys too. I expect that these could end up most anywhere, perhaps in an eatery near you. Anchored in a little harbor in St Michaels, we spied this kayak man/dog combo. I can almost hear the dog saying “When will we be there, when will we be there.  Look a duck, a duck.  I love this!!!”Oh yea, how about a still life with flowers, wine and binoculars? Today we will continue to explore and I expect that Brenda will make another visit to the local yarn store.  Thursday we head over near Annapolis for the SSCA gam.   Thursday night kicks the three day event off with a dink raft-up cocktail party.  It will be great fun and we are really looking forward to the weekend event.  After that, off to the boat show.

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