An eagle, a snake, a loon, a frog and lots of rocks.

Everywhere you look in Maine there are rocks, rocks as big as a mountain,medium sized boulders or as pint sized as a pebble and about every size in between.  You’d think that with all of the rocks milling around together would also spawn some sand.  Alas, no sand but many, many rocks.

So, the other day we packed a lunch and decided to head out and see how many rocks we could climb over.  Well, that’s not exactly what we had as a goal but that’s more or less what we ended up doing.

The plan was to climb up a a really big rock and visit, well,  “bubble rock”.  I have to say that I had no idea what exactly was meant by “bubble rock”.   My first thought was that the “bubble” was the mountain.  I was wrong.  This is the “bubble” on top of a sort of bubble mountain.   8-5-16a 010It’s way bigger than it looks.  Craig stood next to it and try as he might, he couldn’t budge it.   8-5-16a 006Where is “hulk” when you need him?  “Arnold?  Can you help me out here?”

I claimed the peak, of course.  More rocks. 8-5-16a 023The view of Jordan Pond from Bubble rock was spectacular.  There is a restaurant at the other end of the pond, in the clearing to the right at the far end to put a fine point on it.  That’s where we began and ended our hike.  They are known for their popovers.   We “knew” some popovers after our walk.   Pretty good. 8-5-16a 019 The view from “lake level” to where we climbed. 8-5-16a 032OK, so about that title.  I saw an eagle carrying a snake.   Perhaps not a happy snake at that.   “Weee!!!  Take me higher!8-5-16a 031I also got a shot of a loon.  Check.   He was pretty busy fishing so kept ducking, or would that be “looning”, under the water and popping up somewhere else.   I had a tough time getting a good shot.  As many times as I told him “look at me loon”, no luck. 8-5-16a 038The water was impossibly clear.  What a view.8-5-16a 049And finally, a frog in water, not so clear. 8-5-16a 051So, rocks of many sizes, an eagle, a snake if an unhappy one at that, a loon and a frog plus a popover or two for me and ten thousand steps.   Good day.

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