Warm weather, and the Bahamas, seem so far away just now.

It’s Wednesday morning and it’s a nasty 25 degrees outside.  On the bright side, and it’s a plenty bright sunny day.  However, it’s way colder than I’d like.  I have to admit that the view outside was wonderful as the sun came up over the hill to our east today.  Not a bad view to greet you on a cold winter morning.  I particularly like the angles of the roof line and the contrast of light and dark.  The snow on the branches was magical.  I doubt that there is anything more emblematic of the Bahamas than the conch.  This one was looking a bit forlorn yesterday as the snow began to fall.   This view makes the islands seem really far away. Perhaps I included the photo above to prove that it was indeed a conch as the view this morning left a bit more to the imagination.   Same view, next day…  Now warm is even further away.Burr…  It’s views like these that make me pine for the Bahamas.  Yes, I love the holidays and as the days tick down to Christmas I am torn as to where I’d rather be.  This wouldn’t fit too well aboard Pandora, would it?  Brenda and I put up the tree yesterday.  Actually, I put up the tree and Brenda decorated it.  No, I didn’t ditch her at the “hard” part, at least that’s how I viewed it, as I am forbidden from putting any ornaments on the tree due to my “lack of care”. Perhaps that’s why I mostly do dishes and she cooks. That’s fine with me as I do great dishes and she’s a terrific cook.  

With regards to the cold, it could be worse.  I read that NASA takes measurements of temperatures around the world and recorded that in the middle July in Antarctica, this past  summer, winter there, it was -135 degrees below zero.  Now, that’s cold. I guess that 25 degrees ABOVE zero here would make some break out in a sweat by comparison.

Me, when it comes to cold, I’ll take 75 to 85 degrees with moderate humidity. Wait, that sounds suspiciously like Bahamas weather.  Now that you mention it, it’s only 4o days till we wing our way south to thaw out.

Besides, there are better places for conch than here in chilly New England.  Perhaps this is a better use for an abandoned conch shell.

Or perhaps this?  Yes, conch salad sounds perfect right now, or perhaps a nice rum punch.   “Bob, it’s morning, way too early to be thinking about rum”.  Ok, I’ll focus on conch for now.  This is “tall boy” from Nassau, and he is tall.  He also makes a mean conch salad and I know as I have eaten a bunch.Ok, Ok,  I’ll think about the view outside instead.  This is the sort of view I want to see out of my “window”.  Yes, that’s looking really appealing right now.   Clear blue water, blue sky and the only white around is clouds and beaches.  Yep, perfect.  Soon, I’ll trade coat, hat, gloves and boots for sandals and not much else.  Perfect…

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