>Back in Wickford!

>It’s 6:30 on Friday morning and Brenda, Rip and I are back in Wickford, RI. I left the office in a rush Thursday evening with the hope of arriving before dark. With the traffic we barely made it as it was pretty dusky when I got out to the mooring in the work skiff. Our friend Eric at Pleasant Street Wharf told us we could put Pandora on the dock beginning on Thursday night until we leave to head out on Saturday afternoon. So, as soon as I was able to get out to Pandora, make way and get the fenders out, I moved her in to the dock. I was quick but it was dark by the time Brenda took the lines from me.

Good thing that Mother Nature cooperated as a thunder storm hit about one hour after we came along side the dock. Is it possible to make it through a day without rain this summer? It doesn’t seem so. While the boat was a bit warm after being shut up for the week, we had a glass of wine and enjoyed the quiet of the harbor.
This place is really beautiful so here’s the view of Pandora and the harbor today. The sunrise was really spectacular. Sorry, I didn’t have the presence of mind to take some photos until after my shower and a cup of coffee. Imagine these shots with more reds, oranges and yellows. You get the picture.

Yes, I do want to live here! What a beautiful place.
I will work this morning while Brenda’s out making the rounds followed by dinner out on Friday night and off to meet up with our friends on Firecracker, another SAGA 43. Let’s hope that the weather is OK. Who knows.
I have to get to work so bye for now.


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