On to Long Island and the Jumento’s, hopefully.

Hopefully, we will be on our way to Long Island on Saturday and from there on to the Jumento’s  which is very remote with no services but lots of good shelling and fishing.   A friend of ours who’s visiting from Canada stopped by today to talk about his recent visit there.  It sounds like great fun and we are hopeful that the weather will cooperate for a run to Long Island although it may be a motor boat ride.  Getting good winds to get there are few and far between so perhaps the “iron jenny”, will have to suffice.

In town for some fuel today and other essentials, including more rum.

Yesterday we had a short squall  come by and it left this most amazing double rainbow.   Now, this isn’t something that you see every day.   The mast looks a bit odd as the photo was taken with a wide angle lens on my GoPro.

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