Chat & Chill. It’s a pastime and a place here in George Town Bahamas

Where else would you find a beach bar called Chat & Chill but here in George Town Grand Exumas Bahamas.   We are anchored just off of volley ball beach (guess what they do there?) along with lots of other boats enjoying the warm sunshine and water.  I understand that New England is having quite a time of it with a massive snow storm hitting as I write this.  Glad that we are here.

Our boys are to join us on Saturday morning and I hope that they will make it as planned.  Fingers crossed.

We have had some great weather for the last week and enjoyed a perfect sail from Lee Stocking Island down to George Town a few days ago.   Along the way I hooked a nice size Mahi Mahi but messed up with the gaff and lost him at the last minute.  Here’s a shot of me working hard to bring him up the boat.  No, I wasn’t reeling in a boot.  Honest!!!The water off shore is so blue, an amazing cobalt blue.   When we went to the beach at Lee Stocking we were overlooking the area that we sailed by the following day.   When we made the run there were 19 boats within sight.  Everyone had been waiting for the “perfect day” and finally got it.  Perfect sailing indeed.The path to the beach was quite scenic.   However, as you got away from the shore it got plenty hot.  Not a place to spend a lot of time without water.  Most of the islands have an airstrip and you can get a charter plane to drop you most anywhere at a reasonable price from Nassau.   This building was right on the strip at Lee Stocking.  I wonder if they stock snow shovels?   Perhaps one of their smaller stores.  Hmm….
Life works hard to survive on these islands.   This trunk is part of a live “tree” or perhaps I should call it  a bush.  It is perched on a limestone cliff overlooking the ocean.  It is constantly bathed on salt from the waves that break nearby.  I’ll bet that this is one old tree even if it’s only about 4″ in diameter.
This tree was growing on limestone and looked like the green patches on the left of this photo.  That’s me in the stylish hat on the right.
With cell phones the thing in the Bahamas, there are still a few phone booths around.  No luck in calling my mom the other day from this one.   No dial tone.  Oh well.
This was the view that greeted us as we entered George Town harbor a few days ago.  The water is an amazing color.  Yes, it really looks just like this.  Today, on our way to town today we spotted a large green turtle swimming by.  We also saw a really big ray.  Sorry, no photos though.
There are something like five churches in George Town.  This one was particularly pretty.
We were greeted by this little guy who was looking for handouts where we had lunch yesterday.   Yesterday we had a brief squall that came through.   This rainbow was about the worst of it.  Only a light sprinkle.  I would have loved to have the boat rinsed off but the shower didn’t drop much water.
It did make for a fabulous sunset that got better and better as the time wore on.  It went well with a rum punch aboard Pandora. A great way to end the day.   You might say that we were chatting and chilling.  Yes, the place is a great place to do just that.   Not only that but there is actually a bar called “Chat and Chill”.   Does that make it a verb and noun too?  I guess it’s a multi-purposed phrase.

Speaking of chilling and chatting.  It’s happy hour so Brenda and I are going to do just that.  We’ll be walking on the white stuff too to get to the beach bar.  No, not the cold sort.   The soft sun warmed sort.   Gota go…

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