>Coverage of Jessica Watson’s homecoming, a series of videos.

>Some terrific clips of the coverage of Jessica’s homecoming.  They are posted as a series.  Fun to look at.

I hope that you are able to take the time to watch this series of videos that takes you from Jessica miles outside of the harbor to her news conference.

The first one is a lead up to her arrival in the harbor. 

The next one is an interview of Jessica’s parents aboard the VIP boat waiting for her to arrive in the harbor.

Edition 3 overviews the voyage and route that she took.

This segment is an interview over the Sat Phone with Jess from local newscasters as she makes her way the last miles to Sydney.

This segment a bit of the story behind Jessica’s decision to sail around the world when she was 14 years old.

Enjoy a ring side seat as Jess nears the finish line after 23,000 miles of sailing.

Jessica crosses the line.

I posted this one the other day and while the quality is not that great as it was posted by someone that just videotaped it off of their TV. It’s the only segment that I was unable to find in the series that had been posted. It’s of her first steps ashore after coming up to the dock at the Opera House. A very emotional moment indeed as she greets her family after 7 months at sea, alone.

Jessica speaks to the thousands who came out to see her at the Sydney Opera House. And, she did so with remarkable style and poise.

Jessica’s news conference after her arrival.

Wrap up of the news conference.

That’s all for now. Now that she has made it back safely, it will be interesting to see what happens next for this remarkable young women.

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