Why I write this blog.

In a previous post (in January 2014, that is) I wrote what I believe most accurately describes why I keep a blog. I suppose all writers (even though I am not really a writer) write because of some burning reason to put words down. For me, I started this blog out of a need to allow my aging father come along with me and live vicariously through my travels aboard and work on Pandora.

The desire to keep my father along for the ride has kept me writing since November of 2007.  Unfortunately, he passed away in late 2013 but I carry on in his honor.   So, it is in Dad’s memory, that I will continue to keep posting.  

Perhaps a link to the post I wrote shortly after his passing says it best.

Yes Dad, I’ll keep it up, I promise, and I am hopeful that you are still reading along with me.In the years since his passing and I still gain strength from writing in his memory.

I am heartened by the knowledge that others enjoy my posts and it is very rewarding to get notes from friends and some folks that just stumble on my site.

So, keep those “cards and letters” coming and I’ll keep writing.  Actually, I’ll keep writing anyway but it’s nice to hear from you.


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  1. I saw your Facebook post today and wanted to touch base. I work at StellwagenBank National Marine Sanctuary and direct our sister sanctuary program to protect humpback whales throughout their migration range. I started a citizen scientist program in 2014—CARIB Tails— that I thought you all might be particularly interested in to help us collect humpback tail flukes in the West Indies as I saw that you plan to go to the eastern Caribbean next winter. I have a home in Bequia, St. Vincent.

    Please check out the website: http://www.caribtails.org

    With warm regards,

    • Nathalie: What a treat. I’ll surely keep a lookout and record what I can. I also want to visit you in Bequia if you are there when we are in the neighborhood.

  2. I saw your Facebook page today and thought you might be interested in a citizen science program—CARIB Tails—I run in the Eastern Caribbean, wherein folks help us take photos of humpback whale flukes to track their movements/migration patterns. Please check out the website and hope this is of interest.

    I work at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary of the coast of MA.

    With warm regards,

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