What type of a boat is Pandora?

Pandora is a 2007 composite cruising sailboat, an Aerodyne 47 designed by Rodger Martin.  Rodger is know for exotic go-fast racers and Pandora, while not as extreme as some of his designs is very cutting edge by cruising boat Standards.   Check out his site to see what I mean.  Pretty mean stuff.

She was built in Finland and many of the interior components were constructed to the standards of luxury aircraft with exotic materials to save weight.   Unfortunately, this design was very expensive to build and only three were built with Pandora, as hull #3, clearly the one finished to the highest standards.

The Aerodyne 47 was designed as a “go anywhere” boat designed to take most and conditions in stride that a cruiser is likely to come across.  Her profile, with her ample hard dodger certainly shows that her design follows function.  Her underbody is all about speed with a very clean profile designed to be easily driven.   With her huge code “0” headsail she is very fast in light wind. For more information about this terrific design and why we chose her, click here.

Our boys, Rob and Chris, haven’t seen Pandora yet and asked us to do a video “tour”.  This video is a short look at the “down below”.And topsides.   Pandora under sail, near Havana, showing her stuff.img_0566aAnd finally, Pandora tied up at Marina Hemingway in Havana but that’s another story. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAActually, these pictures aren’t correct as Pandora is now grey, a much better color for the tropics. 


4 responses to “What type of a boat is Pandora?

  1. bruce kapteyn

    I’m thinking of buying Bold Spirit, a Saga 43 hull # 5. I plan on keeping it on the east coast for a couple of years and then eventually either sailing or trucking her to the north west, where we are originally from for both Canadian and Alaska cruising.

    What do you think of the boat? Have you had any problems with the rudder, mast step, hull (due to the balsa core), etc? Any “heads up” you can give me?

    If you’d like to talk, I can send you my cell number.


  2. Clay Hutchinson

    My wife Gail and I just purchased a Saga 43 (yesterday actually) in Seattle and will be sailing home to Hawaii in June. We have very good friends in Oriental, Tom and Mary Stone. I am hoping they can visit your boat so that they can see a sister to our boat. Enjoy Oriental. Great place.

    • Clay: I just saw your note. We are currently in New Bern NC, not far from Oriental, and are decommissioning Pandora to put her on the market. WE will be here for till Friday when we head off to a wedding. I’d be happy to have them visit.

      Good luck with your new SAGA. It’s a terrific boat.


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