Where in the world is Pandora?

Where we are now:  I’ll get right to the point.  Pandora is currently in the eastern Caribbean and will be there, sailing between Antigua and Grenada for the 2019/2020 season.  In the spring I’ll bring her back to New England.

To see Pandora’s when we are underway or to see where she’s been,  click on this link which will take you to a Garmin map page.  The “world” is pretty big so you may need to zoom in using the slider on the upper left of the map.  Also, click on the “center” button on the left tool bar which will center the map over my last position.  Generally, when we are underway, I send a position report once every two hours, and every time we move the boat at least once.  My “track” will remain on the map for the entire season so you will know where our travels have taken us.  Let me know what you think of this service.

Although the tracker isn’t on when we are anchored, we always leave the AIS transponder on so you can check that way and see where we are.   To see us on AIS, search for Pandora, MMSI #367600760.  This service only works when we are within VHF range so it’s primarily coastal.

A great AIS app “Marine Traffic” is available in the i-tunes store for your i-phone and when my system is activated, and we are in range, you can see our location in real time, updated every 15 minutes.   There is a feature within this app that will allow you to select vessels, such as Pandora and make them part of “your fleet” so that seeing us is that much easier.  It’s a pretty nice feature.  There is also a feature that will send you an e-mail automatically when we enter or leave a port. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Our history aboard:

Since I retired in 2012, Brenda and I have spent our winters south including time traveling up and down the Intra Coastal Waterway, several winters exploring the Bahamas and two months cruising the south coast of Cuba in March and April of 2016.  In the September 2016 issue of Blue Water Sailing  Magazine I had an article about our trip to Cuba that sums things up nicely.  Check it out here.  For the last four seasons, we have cruised the eastern Caribbean, first the Leeward Islands and for the 2016-2017 winter season. I did a summary of our 2017 cruise to the Leewards in this post.  For the 2017/2018 season, we covered the southern islands of the Caribbean, the Windwards from Antigua to the Grenadines and I wrote an article about that area for Blue Water Sailing Magazine that you can see here.   Following that, as in past years, I brought Pandora back north to New England waters.

Regarding our trip to Cuba:  If you want to read more about the process we went through to gain US government approval to visit Cuba aboard Pandora and the “whole Cuba thing”, I wrote about the “12 reasons” U.S. citizens can visit Cuba.  In any event, after much back an forth, and let me tell you there was plenty of “back and forth”, we received approval and went.

I do hope that you will be inspired to follow along on our journeys.

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18 responses to “Where in the world is Pandora?

  1. Ginger Sweeney

    I am Bob Martin’s sister. What fun reading your commentary about your travels aboard The Abby. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Susan Brighton

    Your blogs are so well written and your detail makes us feel we are right there! Your Pandora website is a great idea. We have SPOT messenger, but not the tracking tool. I think that is a great addition for those who want to follow the progress hourly. Keep up the good job. You guys should be home soon. Hope Capt. Bob treats you to a big steak dinner in Norwalk!
    Steve & Susan Brighton

    • What a nice thing to say about my blog. We had a great trip and the SPOT was fun to have along. However, the posting of a position every 10min is a bit much. Not sure about how to handle that. Perhaps just reminding to send a spot every few hours is the best approach. Hope to see you guys this fall when we head to Annapolis.


  3. How was dinner at Fishy, Fishy ? DAD

  4. Love your blog. My long time friend, Rodney, pointed me in your direction. Best part? I jumped to your wife’s site and see she knits. So does mine. More to follow.
    Norman in Boston

  5. Hi Brenda & Bob,

    Jim and Joan from Java

    We are currently anchored behind Cumberland Island. Will explore for next two days before heading to St Aug. See you somewhere down the line..


  6. Vicariously enjoying your journey. Immensely enjoyed having Chris with us this weekend; will miss him. Best regards, L & El

  7. On our way to George Town. Hope to be there tomorrow. Any suggestions on anchorages and possible rendezvous with Pandora would be welcome.
    Davies, Harding, Godsman and Nobles

  8. Love seeing how good you look at Father Jerome’s place. He must have left happy seeds there for future visitors. Great blog. Fair winds, Nancy

  9. Nice to meet you, Brenda, and MOM – stay in touch on your grand adventure!

  10. Hi Bob:
    We met last year when you presented your “Cuba Sail” adventure to the Stamford CT Power Squadron. I was very impressed with your talk, and at the time we discussed the possibility of your giving that presentation to the Westchester Sail and Power Squadron. I was wondering if that is a possibility for this fall, sometime before you head off for warmer climates. I would like to discuss it with you, but I can’t seem to find your email address. Please contact me and let me know when and how we can talk. Thanks.
    Administrative Officer, WSPS

  11. Bob we met last Sunday at Brewers Deep River. I was with my sister in law and nephew. We spoke for a brief time and can’t tell you just how beautiful Pandora is. I walk the Marina every weekend and have admired her most of the season. I will be following your adventures and wish you safe travels.

    • It’s good to hear from you. When Pandora is more picked up I’ll give you a tour. I am looking forward to our adventures too. You can sign up on the home page to get a “ping” when I post.


  12. Glad to hear that you are so Optimistic. I look forward to following you (on line, not on the water) through this adventure.
    Is it too early to ask when you anticipate returning home and whether I can urge you to give the Westchester Squadron a talk in the late Spring or early Fall?

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