Oh yeah, that lawn… Does it need cutting already?

We’ve been back in the US for nearly two weeks now and I feel like I have barely caught up with things.  My lawn, that I am determined to keep from looking like a “cruiser’s lawn” is looking fairly good in spite of being littered with dead leaves for longer than is reasonable.  The rose garden, and it’s a long one, try 150′ or so, is pruned and ready for a winter nap and I am about ready to drain the fuel from all the garden equipment, the chain saw, leaf blower, trimmer and mower… Whew!

I can’t say that I feel like we’ve been home all that long as we spent the first four days in MD with our family celebrating our granddaughter Tori’s christening.  At nearly one year, she still wasn’t the oldest that the priest baptized and I would say that it was quite a sight watching her walk down the isle with her parents and the priest.  🙂The holidays are always a busy time but this year is particularly nutty as we are visiting MD three times, and it’s not just around the corner,  in a single month.   I’ll also be putting up and taking down holiday decorations as well as winterizing our home and setting tons of mouse traps before we head back to Antigua.  It’s a whirlwind and after less than ten days here off to MD again for Tori’s first birthday.  Crazy travel or not, it’s a real treat to see her an her parents three times in a single month.

However this is a sailing/boating blog and I have been meaning to write about a boat that I saw in Antigua that I was particularly struck by.  First of all, she’s huge, perhaps better referred to as a ship, visiting Falmouth for the charter boat show.

Nero, and I am not sure where that name comes from, is a real beauty and at nearly 300′ long, is one of the longest yachts in the world.  Actually, in total volume, there are some that are much, much larger,  However, as she is designed in spirit of a sleek classic, Corsair, the yacht once owned by J.P. Morgan her total volume is not as large as others of this length and that’s one of the key attributes that makes her magnificent.

Here she is berthed at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina in Falmouth.  She can’t be missed, with her distinctive yellow funnel.  Oddly, as I took this shot, the crew didn’t pluck me from my rubber boat for a tour.  However, personal tour aside, as she is very popular charter yacht, there are plenty of great photos on various sites.  “So, Bob, how much does it cost to charter her”?  Well, as J.P. once said “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.  But, since you asked, a few years ago the rate was $555,000 a week during the high season.  Heck, off season, you can get her for just a tad over a half mil.   “Holy mega-extravagance Batman.”  And I thought Pandora cost a lot to maintain.

Heck, my annual budget for her wouldn’t even pay the salary of the assistant to the assistant stewardess.   And, there are 20 crew to attend to the needs of a mere 12 guests.

Nero was built in China and launched in 2007.  Wow, Pandora was launched then too!   What a coincidence.  I just knew we had something in common.

Nice “dink”.   We have a dink too!Brenda and I have a dining table on Pandora. Actually, this coffee table is about the size of Pandora’s dining table.
And we have companionway stairs too although ours are different, they are brown.And, of course, we have our own bed.  However, I have to climb over her to get into my corner.  If we had this bed, I’d still want to…  Never mind. Speaking of that, perhaps a dip in one of the two pools to cool myself off would be more in keeping with this blog’s PG rating.  No need to declare “adult swim!” as the kids can use the other pool on the bow. All and all, a remarkable boat, yacht, ship.  Whatever, shes something.  Want to learn more, check out this brokerage link.  Lot’s more to see.

Perhaps when we return to Antigua her crew will take pity on us when we get all sweaty and invite us aboard for a dip.   Perhaps not, but if they did, I’d settle for the kid’s pool.

I guess if you have to ask…

And, to add insult to injury, I have a sneaking suspicion that the owners don’t cut their own lawn when the are home.   “Buffy, can you bring me that red gas can?  Can you believe how long the grass has gotten?”

Oh well.  But I doubt that their grandaughter, and I sure hope that the owners aren’t too young, is as cute as Tori.



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