On my way, whew!

It’s been a crazy two weeks since my last post with so much to do to get Pandora  ready for the run to Antigua.  To say that it’s been busy, doesn’t begin to describe the frantic pace of trying to figure out what needs to be done and then finding a way to do it or pay for it and have someone else do it.   The whole “pay somebody to do it part” isn’t my favorite.

Originally I was planning to leave for Hampton VA this coming Tuesday to join the other boats in the Salty Dawg Rally fleet, as luck would have it, the weather doesn’t want to cooperate so I have to leave today, Friday evening to begin the run.  If I was to wait even one more day, I’d be slammed with strong southerlies by Monday afternoon and wouldn’t be able to make Hampton until later in the week, too late to make it for the festivities.

As I am on the board of the group, I have some meetings that I must attend and am also going to address the fleet, as Antigua Fleet Captain, about all that’s going to happen in Antigua when we get there in the middle of November.   So, one way or the other, I HAVE TO BE THERE.

Let me tell you that it’s VERY HARD to leave with just a few days warning, early, when you think that you have a week or longer to get everything done.  Besides, Pandora wasn’t even in the water until yesterday afternoon.

Here’s Pandora all ready to launch yesterday with her trusty little truck, mine actually, standing by to assist.  Big boat and travel lift.  Little truck. Yes?I’d love to write about all that has been done to make Pandora as safe and comfortable for our winter afloat and the voyage to Antigua but I just don’t have a spare minute before we leave this evening.  However, I do plan to outline, in nauseating detail, all of that when I get to Hampton so stay tuned.

So, for now all I can say is that it’s been quite a wild few weeks but Pandora’s in the water and I’ll soon be on my way south.

Oh yeah, if you are interested, I’ll have my transponder on as I make my way south to Hampton so just click here and follow my track.

As we prepare to leave Hampton with the 70 boats that are going to Antigua, I’ll also share fleet tracking information so you can see where Pandora is along with the rest of the “Dawgs” in the rally.

Ok, off to do more errands…. Whew!

4 responses to “On my way, whew!

  1. Maureen Woodroffe

    Fair winds. We are here. Maureen

  2. Bob,
    Chuck and I are in Hampton for another couple of days. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help you. Bon voyage.


  3. Bob,
    Have a good voyage. I checked into your mini truck and found out that new ones are governed to 25 mph max and are designated as non-road vehicles. Presumably your truck was imported prior to the implementation of those regulations so you can drive it on the road at more than 25 mph? Also, presumably it is right-hand drive?

  4. Safe travels

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