Looking your best in Ft. Lauderdale. Me too…

It’s Sunday afternoon here in Ft Lauderdale and we are enjoying a really spectacular day.   The temperature is about perfect, in the high 70s and the sun is out in force. 

I expect that we will head out to make the run to Miami on Tuesday morning as the wind is forecast to be from a favorable direction to sail and not too strong.  That will be a nice change of pace as it seems that we have been experiencing front after front with strong winds for the last few weeks as we have made out way south.

A few hours ago I heard from our friends Cathy and Port who, interestingly enough, just got back from a three week trip to India.   It seems that India is a bit different than Fairfield County Ct, where they live. Ya think?

Cathy and Port have a house in the Keys near Marathon and told us that they will be down in late February.  Brenda and I visited them a number of years ago, in what seems like a different lifetime, prior to my retiring.

Port designed the place and it’s really lovely with a South Seas island look. I wrote this post the first time we visited.  What a spot.  You just can’t beat the sunsets.  It will be great to see them “in situ” again.  Cathy and Brenda share a love of gardening but I think it’s safe to say that Cathy has more stamina than me and Brenda put together as her gardens at their CT home are very extensive.

Earlier I headed ashore for a walk and to enjoy the weather on this lazy Sunday.  Well, it seems that some of the other  “locals” had the same idea.  Along the way I saw some large iguanas “catching some rays”.    It might look like this guy is “inside, looking out” but he was just staking out his turf through a fence on the side of the canal.  “Don’t even THINK of coming near my fence!”Above him, in a tree overlooking the water was one of the dominant males looking like he owned the place and trying to look his “lizard best”.  “I see you.  You in that rubber boat, yeah you!”I also came upon a group of stand-up-paddle-boarders (SUPs) making the most of the beautiful weather. How about yoga afloat?  In their own way they too are staking out their claim.  “You think you are good at yoga?  Well, watch this.  I can strike a pose on a tippy board, so there!!!”One way or the other, it seems that everyone here is working hard to appear like they aren’t working at all. 

I guess that about sums it up here in south Florida.  “Don’t I just look marvelous?  Enough about me, let’s talk about what YOU think of me.”

For now, I’d better focus on looking like I belong here too.   Where’s that damn yoga mat?  It must be there somewhere.   No, forget about that.  I think it would be better for me to just climb a tree and survey the landscape.  I guess “lizard” is more my speed and I do want to look like I belong.   “Hey you, you scaly lizard… Move aside, that’s my spot.”  No kidding, I know I’m all that and more.  Well, at least more than a lizard.

“Good luck Bob! You just keep thinking that.”  Yeah, I know.

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