The Holidays and Sailing, right around the corner… It’s Saturday afternoon and I am working my way through chores and thinking about all that we have going on between now and when we head south to join Pandora in early January.  The holiday season is just so busy it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas… It seems like just yesterday that I brought Pandora north from Nassau. Well, I won’t think about how quickly the end of the year will be here. Somehow it always seems like the holidays and a brand new year are so far off in the future and suddenly… Well, they it is right in front of you.  Where did the year go?

Roslavl’ This may date me but this Monty Python clip somehow reminds me of how quickly things can come up on you, when you least expect it.   Well, it seems that way to me at least.see
“Bob, that was totally random.  What are you talking about?”  Ok, perhaps that was a bit of a stretch but work with me on this. Anyway, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away and that Brenda and I will be down in Florida in less than six weeks.   At least I can say that the lawn is all tidied up and ready to sleep for the winter.  Heck, I even split some firewood today.  

Karlshamn Speaking of winter, this shot of our “land home” was sent to us last winter by a neighbor.  I am sure glad that I wasn’t here to see it first hand.  Brrr…I prefer this view.Yes, I love it here in CT in the summer but winter, that’s another story.  I hope to make it out the door in late December without having seen anything like a “winter scene” much less than a the sort of “Buffalo moment” that hit the folks normally famous for their “wings”, a title that they would probably prefer right now.  6′ of snow?  What the &^%$?  

The sort of white I am looking forward to is more like this.  Or, perhaps this.  It’s white right?And, like snow, sometimes there’s white in the sky. And sometimes, the white comes right at you all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I love white, there’s just some types of white that are easier to take if you aren’t a polar bear.

No, cold isn’t my first choice unless it’s one of these.  All kidding aside, I feel blessed to be able to follow my dreams, and the sun. And I am doubly happy that Brenda is willing to live them with me.  Time is short.  

And to quote my good friend Bill, of SV Kalunamoo from a recent blog post when he put it so well..  But, hey, life is not a race to the the finish. Its a Journey that ends without warning, enjoy it while the winds blow in your favor.”  

Isn’t that the truth.  Time is, well, it’s right around the next corner and I don’t intend to waste it.


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