Off soundings and on our way to a 170 mile day

It’s Friday afternoon and we have been underway for about 21 hours since leaving Essex.   The wind is on our stern and blowing about 20kts.  Pandora is tooling along at between 7-8 kts and doing very well under the control of the autopilot.

Since leaving Essex yesterday we have covered 150 miles and are currently about 20 miles off of Barnegat Inlet in central New Jersey.  With about 80 miles between us and the mouth of the Delaware River, off of Cape May, we are making great time.  If the wind keeps up for the next few hours we will have put in a 170 mile day.  Not to shabby, and, particularly impressive given the fact that we motored down the river, out the race and nearly all the way to Montauk against a flood tide.  On top of that, we also had a headwind until about an hour after rounding Montauk around Midnight.  I am pretty impressed to have made it 150 miles at an average speed of just over 7kts.  Not so shabby.

The wind has moderated somewhat but we are still making a good 7kts on deep broad reach with a single reefed main.  We had the jib out but it was banging around in the lee of the main, making a racket and not doing much. 

As it was pretty windless when we left, the seas were quite flat.  However, by this morning with over 20kts of wind, things got pretty lumpy.  Happily, it has moderated somewhat but there is still a good sea running and enough wind to keep us moving along at a good clip.

We will likely make the turn up the Delaware River in the wee hours of Saturday, probably a few hours prior to the flood turning the tide upstream.  However, that will work out well as we will carry the full food up much of the time and then through the C&D canal as we make our way toward the upper Chesapeake.  I am hopeful that my crew, Roger and Jim, both great to have on board, BTW, will be happy to stop for Saturday night as I do enjoy staying in Chesapeake City on the western end of the canal.  

After a good night sleep, on to Annapolis.

I am afraid that there’s not too much to report that’s very exciting except lots of grey waves.  We did hear on the radio last evening that someone had suffered a heart attack on a fishing boa, way off shore.  And it sounded to us, based on the back and forth with the US Coastguard, that he didn’t make it.  Suffering a catastrophic event when you are miles from shore is certainly not a good thing.

Anyway, enough morbid stuff.   Better to think about what fun it will be to be back in Annapolis.  I talked to my son Rob last evening while we were still in cell range, and he’s going to stop and have dinner with me and probably spend the night on board, on Wednesday.

Well, here’s to a continued speedy voyage to Annapolis. I do so hope that the run from Annapolis to GA is as good.

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  1. We also just came down from RI on Thursday early am and as we were about to start down the sound, we changed our course to save a few hours. We crossed the NY channels heading to the NJ coast on Thur night and Friday. Friday night, we rounded the corner to start up the Delaware and crossed the C&D Canal in the early Sat am hours. We are now at Pleasure Cove Marina in Pasadena, MD. Our 44 foot Cat will be pulled and bottom painted then deep cleaned for the Annapolis Boat Show for CYOA to show.

    I also heard the Coast Guard communication with the boat trying to do CPR on the heart attack victim. It was heart-wrenching to hear how hard they tried (50 min of CPR) before the Coast Guard recommended they call it and cease. Kudos to the people who worked so hard and God Bless – I can only hope that if one if us is ever in that situation, our boat-mates will try that hard to keep us here a little longer.

    Enjoy the time with your son and enjoy Annapolis!
    Cheryl Taylor, Wide Ranger

    • Cheryl: Thanks for your comment. Pandora is now in Annapolis and I am on my way home to Essex via Amtrak for a few days. I’ll be aboard Pandora again for the SSCA Gam on Thursday night and then on to GA. I hope that we connect soon.

      Good luck on the bottom paint etc. There is always “etc” when it comes to boats.

      And yes, that episode with the guy on the fishing boat was very sad. Not a good position to be in.


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