Warmer weather as we continue toward Beaufort. That’s good!!!

Yesterday we moved from Elizabeth City to the Alligator River, our destination for the day.

I am happy to report that the work that the mechanic Dave did on Pandora’s engine the other day seems to have worked out perfectly.  No dripping of fuel or oil.  A big improvement, that’s for sure.   I plan to have a discussion with the yard that worked on Pandora this summer.  I can’t really say that I am particularly looking forward to the discussion as it is likely to be plenty awkward.  Wish me luck.

I can’t really describe the depth of frustration I have felt along with a burning anxiety of what would happen if the leaks suddenly got worse.   As the fuel leak was getting worse each day, I am confident that it was only a matter of time until we were really stuck.  That would have not been fun.  I can’t even imagine what Brenda’s reaction would have been.  Not good, I am sure.

Anyway, we spent the day motoring along on very flat seas and settled in at an anchorage just outside the Alligator/Pungo canal.

For the last two days we have been traveling with our friend Dick and friend Denise aboard Willoway a 40’ Freedom.  We were thrilled to run into them in Elizabeth City and enjoyed hanging out with them for the last two days.

Another great thing about visiting Elizabeth City is that the town offers free dockage which I happily took advantage of.  Staying at the marina where Pandora’s engine was worked on was fine for one night but we really wanted to be part of the action for the second night, along the waterfront.  This photo shows just how pretty the spot we were tied up to was.  Most of the boats were tied up bow or stern too a bit farther down the way but tying up alongside was much easier for us in the breeze that popped up when we arrived on Saturday. One of the best things about cruising are the impromptu events that spring up when boats meet along the ICW.   Elizabeth City is known for their Rose Buddies but unfortunately, they don’t throw parties for visiting cruisers on weekends. 

However, that didn’t stop us from having a party as I just passed the word on Saturday afternoon that everyone should meet for cocktails under a tent on the waterfront.  Word got around and at 5:00 everyone showed up with drinks and food to share.  It was great fun and, once again, we had the opportunity to reacquaint with old friends.  I’d guess that there were about 30 in attendance and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, me too.

Fortunately, the weather has moderated and it’s now getting warmer during the day and evenings.  That’s not to say that we don’t miss our heater but at least you can’t see your breath in the cabin in the morning.  That assumes that you don’t think low 50s is too cold.  Burrrr…

So, last night we will tucked into a little cove on the Alligator river and hang out with Dick and Denise.   We got together for dinner and it was nice to catch up and share the sunset with them.  In the spirit of the moment and to celebrate heading south I blew my my conch shell as the sun set behind the cypress swamp.

Yes, we are getting closer to “south”.  Tonight we visit a nice little town, Belhaven.  We haven’t been there before so we are looking forward to checking things out.

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