A “cocktail cruise” on Selden Creek and Pandora splashes next week!

It’s just so nice to live near the Connecticut River, a place that Brenda and I have enjoyed for so many years.  We have brought each of our five boats up to Essex and even to a tiny little creek off of the river, Selden Creek.  This is an amazingly idyllic spot off of the river and separated by Selden Neck, a nature preserve.  Happily, the creek is a short dink ride from the marina where Pandora has been hauled for the last few months.

Brenda and I took a “cocktail cruise” aboard Pandora’s dink the other evening to enjoy some wine and cheese while watching the scenery drift by.  The tide was flooding so we followed the current up the creek while watching the shoreline drift by.  The sun was low and the colors of the marsh were spectacular.  At a time of year when most everything is getting a bit yellow from lack of rain, the marsh was still lush and green.  As we drifted with the lazy current, the view behind us was so peaceful. Brenda looking pretty relaxed in the bow of the dink.  Happily, we had a few cushions for her to sit on.  The cliffs on the side of the creek brought back elicit memories from years ago when the boys jumped from them.  Yes, I know, it’s private property and jumping isn’t allowed any more.  So much for the progress of civilization. As we drifted with the current we came upon a white heron.  He/she wasn’t as happy to see us as we were to see him.  It was getting dark so we had to do double time on our way back to the marina.  No running lights…  Brenda just “loves” going fast in the dink.   Not!!!

It’s hard to believe that Pandora is actually going back in this coming week.  Our plan will be to join a Corinthians cruise to Shelter Island late next week and then on to Newport and Wickford.

Still a few last minute items to attend to on Pandora.  The last few days have been very busy getting everything installed.  The rudder’s back in but that’s the subject of another post.

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