Post-Sundowner Tonight—Antigua Here We Come! It’s Monday morning, the beginning of the 10th day of our voyage.  As the sun came up we were treated to a squall.  Actually, yesterday ended and today began with squalls and I expect that we have not seen the last of them.

buy liquid prednisone The wind is just forward of the beam, close reaching, in the upper teens, pushing us along at 8 kts or so.  When a squall comes by, the wind, within moments, increases to the upper 20s with apparent wind in the low 30s.  With a reef in the main and the jib out, we are pushed along at 9-10 kts for a bit before the wind nearly dies, as fast as it freshened.

As these squalls are coming at us on the beam, they pass by generally in about a half hour with peak winds only lasting for a short time.   I know that facing squalls freaks out most people and I’ll admit that I’d be very worried if my sails and rigging weren’t in top shape.

With all the “squall drama” I would prefer to have the trip to end with more benign conditions but if I have to chose between slogging along motor sailing in light wind or fast sailing with squalls, I’ll take reeling off the miles anytime.

So, it’s looking like we will be arriving in Antigua at about dusk so I am not sure if I will head into English Harbor or Falmouth.  For sure, we will anchor, rinse out the cockpit and enjoy what will likely be a “post sundowner”, that’s a sundowner that happens after sunset. Get it?

And on Tuesday, tomorrow, our first arrival event begins, with events daily through the end of the month when I head home.

This abbreviated event schedule will not be the end of it as there are still plenty of programs in the wings to schedule.

So, with about 75 miles to go I have to say that I am really looking forward to my first “post sundowner” of the season.

No rest for the weary voyager.   ANTIGUA, HERE WE COME!

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