Pandora’s new suit

It’s about two months until the sailing season here in the North East ends and the fall migration south begins for those who don’t haul in the fall.  While most of the folks I know are out sailing around New England waters, Pandora’s in a shed being painted.

I have written about Pandora’s new paint job for a while now and yesterday I went to take a look at her, all shiny and nearly ready to launch.   I’d say that she’s really, really shiny although it’s a bit hard to see just how great she looks tucked inside a “small” shed.  As I mentioned, it’s hard to see how perfect the job looks.  This angle perhaps better, or not.   I think that the stainless rub rail really sets the grey hull off. It’s certainly a lot different than her way-dark green hull of yore. The next step, beyond a million little things that they will do to clean up any “boogers” in the paint job, will be to have the logo applied.  I loved the one done for “old Pandora” years ago and had the designer spruce it up a bit.   That version was done by Accent Graphics in Annapolis years ago and they were happy to update it a bit for “new” Pandora.   I think that they did a nice job.  We will be going with black lettering and a metallic outline.  The stars, probably black or even white.  Not sure quite yet.   A local shop will take the file, print it out and manage the installation on port and starboard quarters. The plan is also to put the logo, sans silver outline, on each side of Pandora’s boom as well.

A few engine related items to handle including the standing rigging that needs to be ugh, replaced.  Well nearly all of it needs to be replaced.   The rigger picked up the rod last week and has taken time to inspect each piece.  With 40,000 miles under her keel, it’s in not-so-great condition.   This is a photo of a head on one of the main shrouds.  I’m lucky that it didn’t come down already.   See that small crack just under the head.  Imagine that going all the way through and having the mast crash down in a heap.  That’s the head for one of the main shrouds.  The most important piece of the rig. Beyond bills to pay and it seems that they just keep getting bigger, there’s lots to do to get ready for our departure in late October but first I’ll have to finish the remodel job in our guest bath.  Yes, dealing with the honey-do list is important.  To fall short on that front, well, that would be a CLM (career limiting move), and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Well, they always say that owning a boat is just having a hole in the water into which you pour money.   Unfortunately, with all the work done on Pandora this year, painting and pulling the rig, it seems that I have really “opened Pandora’s box”.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  Not happy but hey, she does look great.

I guess that I’d better sign off for now and get moving on the guest bath.  Yes, first things first.


4 responses to “Pandora’s new suit

  1. George R. Hallenbeck

    Glad to see you had the rigging checked. Now I
    feel better about having just changed out the same thing
    for Great Gaels, even though we don’t have as many miles.
    The light grey looks good in the photographs but will
    want to see what she really looks like.

  2. Haha, “opened Pandora’s box!” That made me laugh. It looks wonderful! Xo

  3. Haha, “opened Pandora’s box!” That made me laugh. It’s looking wonderful! Xo

  4. Lawrence Shields

    Congratulations Bob and Brenda on all the exciting improvements.

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