>Jessica Watson may be close, but the adventure continues.

amorously >Now that Jessica is back in Australian waters it’s easy to assume that the worst is behind her.  Not so.  For the last few days she has been in some very unsettled weather and yesterday she was caught in a string of strong thunder cells, one of which laid her flat and tore her mainsail in two places.  Good thing that she has a spare so she can swap the sail out and stitch up the mess. 

where can i buy generic isotretinoin It’s amazing that, after so many miles, she has some of the more “interesting” weather of her trip.  I’ll bet that she is ready for a bit of peace and quiet in her life.  Thursday’s blog entry is worth reading and if you haven’t been following her regularly, check out some of the recent posts. 

Meanwhile, Abby Sunderland is making her way around alone from California and passed Cape Horn last week.  Once Jess is back home at least I will still be able to read about Abby’s exploits as she has a long way to go to get home.   Don’t forget to check out Abby’s blog as she does post about every other day or so.

And, of course, there’s Dilip Donde, of the Indian Navy who’s been making his way around and last week made his departure from the last land fall of his trip, leaving Cape Town South Africa to continue his voyage alone back to India.  Not far to go but he continues to run into “interesting” weather.  Unfortunately, Dilip doesn’t post often, with only about one installment per week.  His posts are also a bit more like “the facts and nothing but the facts”, with less personal information.   Perhaps it’s an age or cultural thing.  Not many middle age guys spill their guts online.  Wait, is that true?  Hmm…  Or, perhaps it’s a generation thing with the two young sailors being so Web oriented that they feel more connected by posting regularly.  It’s probably a desire to keep their many sponsors happy. Perhaps it’s both. 

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