>The last sail for 2007?


Today my son Rob and my longtime friend Christopher Blossom went out today for what will likely be our last sail for the 2007 season. Pandora is now on a dock in Bridgeport CT where she is scheduled to be hauled just before Thanksgiving at Captain’s Cove Marina. This harbor is where Brenda and began our sailing together when we were members of Fairweather Yacht Club sailing our 20′ Legnos Cape Cod Catboat. Anyway, today the winds were terrific for an afternoon sail with light to moderate winds out of the Northwest. When we left the dock at 11am there was only a light breeze but eventually it built to about 12-15kts in the early afternoon. We sailed out toward Long Island and tacked around a bit. When the wind freshened we took off at 7+kts, a nice rate of speed. Even though it was mostly cloudy, it wasn’t too cool as the temperatures were in the high 50s to low 60s. Here are a few shots we took on Pandora today including a shot of me to the right, the happy skipper. My son Rob in the “shades” and Chris are also here. I hope to be out at least one more time before haulout but who knows…

We spent a lot of time talking about sailing South. Chris was probably thinking about about sailing there again on his own Luders 33. He took the exact trip I hope to take down the Intercoastal with his wife Pat and their two sons about ten years ago. Following their trip to Florida they crossed over to the Bahamas and spent much of the winter sailing from island to Island.

For now this will have to be my “last sail” unless I can find a way to squeeze in another.
My son Rob at the helm of Pandora

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