Heading to Cuba on Friday. Amazing

It’s Tuesday afternoon here in Georgetown Great Exuma.  Brenda’s aboard working on a tapestry weaving project and I am in town getting some last minute chores done.   As an example of the complexity of managing our affairs from afar, I discovered that my ATM card expired last month so I can ‘t use it to get last minute funds or the run.  Fortunately, Brenda’s card is fine so I’ll come back to town tomorrow to get funds, fuel and whatever else we need.

I also had to anticipate any bills that need to be paid and funds to transfer to last us through early May when we re-enter U.S. Waters as we could very well not have access to much via the Internet while we are in Cuba.  I sure hope that I have thought of everything.  Fingers crossed.

Our plan is to leave for Cuba, after months of preparation, on Friday morning with the expectation that we will do a overnight to Great Inagua with an assumed arrival sometime on Saturday afternoon, where we will stop and rest.  After a good night sleep (hopefully) we will shove off on Sunday and head on to Santiago de Cuba for an arrival at some point on Monday afternoon.  The total distance for the run is about 350 miles.  The chart below shows the route with Great Inagua, the southern most island in the Bahamas and our stopping point for rest, at the lower right of the frame.    Our current location, Georgetown is where the “boat” is shown.   Of course, Santiago de Cuba is at the “end” of the course, where we will clear in to Cuba.  IMG_0018I spoke with Chris Parker, the weather router, earlier today and the route and timing we have chosen should take into account a forecast that suggests moderate conditions and good winds for the trip.

We will “fire off the SPOT” every four hours or so along the way so you will be able to track our progress on the “where in the world is Pandora” link on my home page.  You also can sign up to receive notices when I post by signing up on the home page.

I generally put up a short post each day when I am making passage by sending text to our son Christopher and then he puts it up.  We will see how it goes.

After we get to Cuba who knows what our coverage for posting will be but at the very least, I’ll be able to send text and perhaps a small photo to Christopher who will put it up.

After our visit to Santiago de Cuba we will continue along the south coast for about a month and then round the most western point of Cuba and head up to Marina Hemingway and Havana prior to heading back to Miami and the U.S in early May.

Well, it looks like we’re off to Cuba later this week.  Wish us fair winds and calm seas.

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