New Mexico makes me feel warm.

It’s Wednesday morning and today when I checked my e-mail, I was greeted by a note from Damon the President of the New Mexico chapter of the Navy League, sharing a copy of the League’s quarterly newsletter. Damon is the guy I have been in touch with as a result of my chance encounter with the USS New Mexico submarine off of New London back in early September.

I wrote a post about that day and if you missed that post, here’s a link.  It was an amazing experience.  As a contrast, when I was taking Pandora south a month or so ago, I was off of GA and was hailed by a Navy ship on the horizon that told me to divert so that I wouldn’t pass within something like 7 miles, a very different experience than the one I had with the USS New Mexico.   Clearly, the “rules” are a bit more lax in the confines of Long Island Sound. Or, perhaps they wanted to get a better look at Pandora.  Yes, I’m going with that.

Anyway, Damon passed me copy of the New Mexico Navy League newsletter and directed me to page 9 that includes one of the photos that I took of the boat as she passed.  How cool is that.  They even included a link to my blog. Now, that’s “promotion”…

Here’s the page with my “contribution”.   Navy league pageBut wait, there’s (possibly) more.  Get this…  I might get to go on a “day sail” aboard the USS New Mexico sometime in January or February, out of FL where she will be visiting.  Damon did tell me that it’s a bit of a long shot as there are lots of “friends” of the New Mexico, like the Governor of NM, that will no doubt be in line way, way ahead of me.  But hey, you never know as I am getting pretty good at the whole “long shot thing”.  Now that I think of it, perhaps I should be buying lottery tickets.  “Bob, Bob, down boy, down boy.  Don’t get to full of yourself!”

Whatever… As I was saying, a ride on a nuclear sub?  Now, that would be a hoot and a half.  The skipper of the SV Pandora meeting the skipper of the USS New Mexico.  You can’t make this stuff up.

I have to say that all of this makes me feel warm all over, which I really, really need as it’s getting chilly, no make that %$#@#$% COLD, here in CT.

6 responses to “New Mexico makes me feel warm.

  1. That’s so cool, right in their news letter! I hope I’m in Miami when that Day Sail occurs!

  2. Bob,

    Great follow up. It makes all feel a great deal more secure to know that all of our armed forces are out there.


  3. Bob,
    I wouldn’t mention to them the future sailing plans of Pandora.

  4. As the folks on the New Mexico would say, using signal flags: “Bravo Zulu.”

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