Heading south? Friday it is.

Yes, after months of saying “we’re going south”, it looks like I am actually heading out tomorrow, Friday morning.  Crew arrives tonight and we will head out at first light tomorrow morning.

I spoke with Chris Parker, the weather router, this morning and he told me that we should have excellent north winds to take us south for the first 24 hours or so.  After that we will see southerlies but under ten knots.  This is what the GRIBs look like for Friday.  Should be a very nice run.  Note that the wind is coming from the direction that the “flags” are pointing and that each “feather” means 10kts, but you probably knew that anyway.  20-22-15dThis is our route plan if we stop in Atlantic City to wait for favorable winds once the northerlies shift to the south on Saturday.    We’d only have to wait there for about a day until things shift again to the north, so that wouldn’t be so bad. 10-26-15bAlternatively, we might opt to continue on directly for Hampton and motor into what will likely be 10kts or less on the nose.  This is what the winds will likely do after the good northerlies go away on Saturday.  Not horrible to motor into light winds. 10-22-15a I guess we will have to see how things progress and I’ll likely check in with Chris again in the morning.   Yes, I am sure that you are on the edge of your seat too about all this.  If so, of course you can follow along with us by clicking on “Where in the World is Pandora” at the top of the page and see us on a Google Map.  Such are the wonders of technology.  

Yes, it’s very exciting to be on my way, finally and I am very much looking forward to visiting with folks in Hampton for the next week.  After that, on to the BVI.

The next flag that I fly from Pandora’s starboard spreader will be this one.  Very exciting.  BVI flag

Looking forward to seeing the “Queen’s subjects” very soon.

South it is…

8 responses to “Heading south? Friday it is.

  1. Will be following along. Fair winds and following seas!

  2. George Hallenbeck

    Fair winds and we will be tracking.
    Look forward to the next installment.

  3. Have a safe trip. I hope all of your work will pay off with a trouble free and enjoyable voyage.

  4. Had a wonderful motor sail up the Conn. river to Chester on Wed – it was almost hot, as you know. Just wanted to mention – you said you took a trip up the Ct. River on a boat named Pastime – I know of another boat named Pastime in Stonington – when I asked them how they got the name they said it was a quote from their father favorite poems (which is one of mine as well) –

    ” A man who would go to sea for pleasure
    Would go to hell for a Pastime.” Safe travels, Sharon

  5. Beautiful morning for a sail. It was so nice to catch up with both you and Brenda last night. Looking forward to monitoring the progress of your southward voyage.

  6. Bob, our very best for your passage. As you know, once you leave the dock and leave the anticipation behind, it will all get easier. Enjoy. I am sure that you have a great crew. Larry

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