Pandora in hibernation and “Pandora” getting ready to sail.

It’s Thursday night and it’s been a while since I have posted.  Since we left Pandora in New Bern, we have driven from NC all the way to central FL and the “new” Pandora.

Brenda flew out this morning and I FINALLY was able to return the rental car that we have driven around for nearly two weeks.   We were both getting sick of driving around in an overstuffed van.  Brenda was so pleased to be able to step aside from the OVERPACKED van after so many miles traveled.

Poor Brenda had to ride in the back seat for a good portion of the run south because, our son Christopher, who’s pretty susceptible to motion sickness, opted to ride up front.   We “carved” a small spot out in the back for Brenda.  Pretty tight but she was a good sport.  At least the boat hook was in place to keep her from falling out if the door was opened. Yesterday we had the survey on “new Pandora” and the owner, even though I have not transferred all of the funds, agreed that I could move aboard and begin to get ready for the run north.  My crew, Jim and Michael are due to arrive on Sunday the 3rd. 

Yesterday was really long with the surveyor on board for nearly the entire day.  Following the successful survey and my signing of the acceptance document, Brenda and I shared some champagne with the seller to toast the successful completion of the deal.   As it took since late December to bring everything together it did feel sort of like a “what took so long” moment but it was also pretty exciting to have it done, at long last.

She was hauled briefly to inspect the bottom.   Nice bulb keel.  You can see how she would be so fast.  Interestingly, the bulb is lead but the keel itself is composite carbon fiber construction.  Very strong and it gets the “righting moment” down low. Nothing particularly traditional about her.  Very modern. I am particularly enamored with the retractable bow thruster to help maneuver in tight places.  And, with nearly 50′ of boat length, EVERYWHERE is tight.   It’s pretty neat.  When deployed it’s in clear water but when retracted, flush with the hull so there is no drag.  After the survey, and a toast with our friends and sellers, we began to move everything out of the van and aboard.  Whew, I was bushed.Actually, even before handing all the stuff down to the deck I had had enough.   Did I mention that I turn 60 in June?  How pathetic. I made a little progress today but expect that it will take the better part of a week to get all the stuff unpacked and stowed aboard.   What a mess.   About 2/3 of the stuff fit in the aft cabin, about as large as all of Pandora.  The salon not looking to “salon like”.  However, she looks pretty nice at the dock.  And, I just love the hard dodger that’s long enough to sleep under, out of the weather. Thank goodness that she has two zone AC as it’s in the high 80s during the day here.   However, we have to manage the energy use as the 30amp service isn’t good enough to run both zones as well as the washer dryer.  Feel sorry for me?  I didn’t think so.

Well, I guess that’s about enough for now as it’s getting late and there’s a t0n of unpacking on the horizon tomorrow.   So, here’s looking forward to selling Pandora and getting “Pandora” underway and north to CT in a few weeks.




4 responses to “Pandora in hibernation and “Pandora” getting ready to sail.

  1. Bob,
    1. I noted how straight the rudder is. Please try to keep it like that 🙂
    2. Consider yourself blessed, as I do not think that Sara put up with riding in a car as that picture portrays. You are living on ‘borrowed’ time, my friend!


    • Tom: Brenda is a sport. However, the main reason she did that was because our son was with us and he is prone to motion sickness. For Christopher…anything. Yes, I am blessed.

  2. Bob,

    Your new Pandora looks powerful and fast! That bow thruster would have been nice for getting off the dock against the cross current in Beaufort last year, and that hard dodger would have been comforting in the bouncy run down to Ft. Pierce. We have an event planned at your Essex YC on June 14th–will you and your new ride be there?

    John Stone

    • John: It’s nice to hear from you. Yes, love that thruster. What a great option. And, it’s the type that drops down from the bottom of the bow so there isn’t any nasty hole to slow things down.

      Yes, we are having a great SSCA event in June, from the 19th to 22nd. Just yesterday I confirmed that we will be partnering with Sail Magazine and their editor will be speaking and helping with a round-table on the ICW. He’s also helping to find an expert on Cuba to speak on that very timely topic.

      If you want to attend, sign up at soon as we will sell out very quickly and are limited to about 110 guests.

      We will be moving to a new venue next year so we can accommodate more attendees.

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