It’s Friday the 13th. Is today my lucky day?

It’s Friday morning the 13th of February.  I have never been much for superstition but perhaps it would be best if I avoid walking under ladders, spooking black cats or whatever the “fear du jour” of the day might be.   Actually, I feel pretty lucky, the 13th or not, as I look out at the scene surrounding us in this lovely little harbor.  Yes, it’s plenty populated, with homes in every direction but the view of the city skyline in the distance is amazing.  This was the view that we enjoyed to the west as the sun set last evening.  Yesterday we walked a long way, exploring the area, about 6 miles according to Brenda’s pedometer. By the time we got back to Pandora, I have to say that our “dogs” were barking.  Today, perhaps a few less steps.

Our goal yesterday was to explore the South Beach historic district with it’s distinctive Art Deco architecture.  Even the local Gap store has to comply.  You won’t see another store from this chain housed in this style elsewhere.It’s pretty clear that if you want to live in South Beach, you have to do whatever you need to do to fit in.  And, that probably means not wearing much clothing.  Here, if you want to look the part, you might want to consider a string thong bikini and stiletto high heals.  For the guys, body building or “surfing” around on a long skate board is a must.  We enjoyed watching some of the local color on the beach, that’s for sure.  Love those well formed “pecks”.  It was pretty easy to identify the locals from the, well, folks like us.   However, I think we look pretty good for a couple of “older” folks taking time to soak in the scene.  Right?The view from our perch was perfect for surveying the local scene.  And speaking of locals, how about a Lemur from Madascar?  Now, that’s not something you see every day.   Not to worry, he wears a diaper.  No Lemur Poo on you.   And, for a modest “donation” you can even get up close and personal. Real close. There was a terrific brick path that ran for several miles along the beach.With great views of the open air sidewalk restaurants.  The subtropical climate of Miami makes for some really interesting plants and flowers.  This one looks like it’s growing out of a palm tree but these 4″ flowers haug down from a tree over a sidewalk. There are also orchids growing on trees.  After years of growing them in a greenhouse, seeing them in outdoors is a real treat.  And, even in the middle of the city, the herons feel right at home poaching a snack out of the Koi pond. We capped off our day with a late snack at a very fancy hotel.  This was the view from our table of the pool area.  Pretty swank. Forgive me but I must share a photo of the lovely dish we ordered, beautifully presented. Yum…  Low carb of course.All and all, a lovely day.  Actually, some might agree that “lucky” would be pretty descriptive.

So, today?  Off to the boat show.  Yes, I am feeling pretty lucky these days, Friday the 13th and all. 

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