Wow, time flies. It was 42 years ago today…

buy Gabapentin for dogs uk It’s Tuesday morning here in Portugal and it’s a special day as it was 42 years ago today that Brenda and I had our first date.  As we enter the second half of our month long trip to Portugal, we are certainly in more interesting surroundings than that day back in 1972 when we went to a tropical fish show in Norwalk CT. Yes, a “tropical fish show”…  Only the best for Brenda back then as well as today.  Well, perhaps there has been somewhat of an upgrade during that time.  We are after all, in Portugal.

where can i buy stromectol No, hold on for a minute, let me think… Was October 28 our first date or was it when I asked her to “go steady” while we went on a long walk in the woods while I tried to summoned up the nerve to ask her if she “liked” me.  Hmm… Is this the beginning of dementia settling in?  One thing I do recall clearly from our walk in “Devils Den” in Weston CT, way back then was that her dad freaked out after his oldest was AWOL in the woods with some blond guy with shaggy hair, in the rain, for hours. I am afraid that he never really got over that one. 

One way or the other, October 28th continues to be a day we celebrate each year and so far, Brenda seems as tolerant today as she has been for the last 42 years. Well, to be completely truthful, she’s been tolerant most of the time but I won’t fault her for her occasional lapses. Fingers crossed that it will continue. Wish me continued good luck.

Alas, no pictures from way back then with us here in Portugal so you will have to settle for one taken at dinner the other night. Doesn’t low lighting do wonders for us? I expect that the “old time” photos would have been, well, younger.Another thing that’s different now is that the wine flows more freely even though the drinking age moved up from 18 to 21.  No wait, the drinking age in Portugal is 16.  Hmm… That doesn’t help much does it now that we are in our “upper mid 50s”?  However, it would have back then as 16 was Brenda’s magic age.  Good thing I was only 17 myself or the whole thing would have been illegal.  Time flies, doesn’t it? I guess I had better get going and wrap this post up.  We have more memories to make and the day is wasting.  

I am one lucky guy.

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