A huge regatta with 200,000 entries?

I have been writing a number of posts, probably more than you want to read, actually, about our recent time aboard the superyacht Marie, when we sailed in the Newport Bucket Regatta few weeks ago.

Well, to provide some balance, I did some research and found a “regatta” with a lot more participants.   However, while the total displacement of all 200,000 entries in this “fleet” is somewhat less than even one in the Newport Bucket, there is certainly no less excitement from those who finance and participate in this event.

However, I doubt that there is a regatta worldwide that has more folks involved.  Here’s a short video of the “start”.  Ready?Actually, there are other regattas using the same “one design” vessels. However, I am hard pressed to imagine one with more participants.  200,000 duckies is a lot of “foul play”.  Right?  And, with the opportunity to win a new car, the stakes are high indeed.

Here’s a local news report…
Who won? Well now you know.

But wait, there’s more… In other cities.
“Bob, Bob, enough already!!!

Ok, got it.

So, if you’ve had enough of rubber duckies here’s yet another, really well done, video of yet another regatta, but this time it’s one for some really, really “big duckies”, the Palma Superyacht Cup in Palma Mallorca. And, like the “Cinci” regatta, this one has also been going on for nearly 20 years.   Good to know that there are so many events with “staying power”.Alas, I am afraid to admit this but the one in Cincinnati is probably more my speed.

However, I enjoy writing about Marie and she did sail in the 2011 Palma event.  This video was commissioned by Vitters, her builder and it’s pretty impressive.  Well, I like it…
I’s pretty clear that some regattas are for the .001% crowd but it’s good to know that there are regattas for the other 99.999% of us. Whew!!!, what a relief.

Great videos, right?  Well, eclectic at least.  And, I’ll bet that you thought I was straying from my course.  Nope…  However, I do enjoy most anything that takes place on the water.

And, as if that’s not enough, Pandora heads to sea in less than a week. Where’s Pandora…going?  Good question.  Mallorca?  I am afraid that will have to wait a bit as I’d have to cross the “pond” first, and I am not quite ready for that.  I KNOW

Brenda’s not ready…

Where’s Pandora…going… I guess you’ll have to pass this way again, if you care.  I hope you do.


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