>The many faces of Rockland Maine

>We arrived in Rockland Maine on Sunday morning at 04:30 and picked up a mooring. The crossing was uneventful with a nearly full moon to keep us company. The wind was very light out of the southwest so we ran the engine for the full 23 hours that it took us to make it to Rockland from Provincetown. There were seas of up to 8 feet but they were so gentle and far apart that you could hardly feel them unless you looked out on the horizon to see how much you were going up and down as they ran under the boat. There’s really nothing much to see except 360 degrees of horizon. You are really on your own out there.

After the moon set it was amazing to see how bright the sky was with billions of stars so clearly visible. Pandora runs at night with no white lights at all so your eyes really adjust to the dark and you can see quite well. Down below we have red lights so it’s easy to find your way around in the “dark” but not disturb your night vision.
These photos were all taken within a 12-18 hour period. Welcome to Maine where they say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour”. So true.
Here’s the same shot a few hours later. Near perfect visibility and very dry air. Wonderful!Not a bad sunset last night.

And, the moon came up and is nearly full. Nice boat!I woke up really early today, Tuesday, at 04:00. Who knows why. Nice to watch the sunrise but that didn’t last long as the fog soon rolled in. Let’s see what it looks like an hour from now. Very excited as Brenda (and Rip) will be here this afternoon. Hope that they get up early too.

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