Super yacht er, boat? Well, I think so.

So, just how super is Pandora?  I think she is pretty good and after a day of rooting around in the bilge looking for that &%$#@ fresh water leak, and not finding it, I was struck by the difference in my life verses those with the other folks with yachts that are are mega super.    Yes, Pandora is a great boat, er yacht, but I guess that the real super yachts are those over 80′.  At least, I think that’s the cutoff.  Alas, Pandora is a bit diminutive for that distinction and I am certainly a bit under the pay grade to be an owner of such a machine.

However, all is not lost as I pretty confident that I have much more hair than the typical super yacht owner.  Good news!!!

‘Coincidentally, yesterday was the first race of the 2013 Loro Piana super yacht regatta in the Med.  I don’t recall exactly where in the Med it was and probably wouldn’t be able to spell it if I knew.  So, for now let’s just say “the Med”.  Anyway, this regatta attracts some of the biggest sailing yachts from around the world.  Here’s a link to highlights of the first day of racing.  Amazing machines.   Nice to have a helicopter to follow you around the course.  I’ll bet that the entry fees are pretty steep.

But wait, there’s more!   They even have winter regatta in the BVI.  I can even spell that THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.  And, I didn’t even have to use spell check.  So, some of these yachts, and a bunch of others, competed there too, earlier in the winter.  Sorry, couldn’t make it.  Pandora was in the Bahamas.   Not too many super yacht sailing vessels in the Bahamas as there’s barely enough water to float Pandora with her nearly 6′ of draft.

This highlight video has some spectacular footage of the race.  Pay particular attention to the amount of hair on the typical owner’s head.  No comb overs for the master of Pandora.   Yes, I have more hair than most with the possible exception of a few owners, mostly those of Italian descent.  Is it the pasta or red wine?  Hmm…  Note to self, drink more wine!

Amazing yachts.  Super?  You bet.
Yes, to me Pandora is indeed super and besides, who wants an annoying crew hanging around all day with constant pestering.   “Sir, can I bring you another Gin and Tonic?”  Hmm… Perhaps there is something to that.

On second thought, super, yes. I’ll have another, James.

“Snap out of it Bob, go back and find that leak.”

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