How about a party in Essex?

Pandora is now clearly “non-commissioned” now as she is sitting in a slip nearby in Deep River waiting to be hauled out for some work.  Prior to being hauled I am cleaning her from top to bottom with the hope of getting rid of the stale smell that has accumulated from that nasty sewerage leak I spoke about.  I am also hopeful that I can, once and for all, find the water leak in the domestic system.   I have torn up things to no avail but now I will tear up the entire floor with the hope of finding the leak.  I should probably also replace the pressure pump with one with less pressure so that it will not put so much stress on the system.   It was the addition of a 50lb pressure pump that caused the problem in the first place.    That sort of reminds me of when I had a fish tank when I was a kid.  All would be well in the world, the fish tank world that is, and I would go to the pet shop and get a new fish.  Inevitably, that new little fish would disturb the equilibrium of the tank or bring in some dreaded disease and all hell would break loose.  “What in the world has fish got to do with any of this, Bob?”  Oh, got it.  The leak start when I installed a higher pressure pump.  I wish I had never done that…  And, I can’t find the leak.

What I mean is that with boat systems, it’s the same.  You replace one thing and other problems break out.  And, the more complex the systems, the bigger the problems.

I am determined to find that leak.  And, it’s a trash heap down below.  

This is how it’s actually supposed to look.  Different?And the cockpit, not looking too good today.

A bit different than when Pandora was in full live-a-board trim.  I like this view better.  A women’s touch…  What women you ask?  Just guess.  Yes, you got it. 

Anyway, there’s loads to do to get Pandora ready for our next voyage.  However, in the mean time, how about a party!

The Seven Seas Cruising Association ( has been such an influential group for us over the last few years, I decided to give back to the group buy putting on a GAM here in Essex.  On Saturday June 22nd, we will meet for cocktails at the Essex Yacht Club, where Brenda and I are members.  On Sunday afternoon we connect again at the Essex Corinthians Yacht Club, right next door, for a pot luck supper.   We will also have a speaker who will talk about a voyage up the Hudson River, through Lake Champlain, out the St Lawrence River, around the Canadian Maritimes, back around to Maine and down to the CT River.  As the trip began and ended on the Connecticut River so how fitting that they should speak to us in Essex.  

The visit will cap off on Monday with a trip to the Griswold Inn in downtown Essex.  This quintessential New England Inn hosts a terrific trio every Monday evening, the Jovial Crew who will regal the group with sometimes baudy and always fun, sea shanties.  Of course, in the SSCA Cruising Station tradition, I will be ferrying folks around town for shopping, laundry and trips to West Marine.    

As of now we have nearly 30 signed up, some members and some prospective members.  I would expect that number to grow a bit in the next week or so till the event.  I regard that as a great start to what I hope will become a tradition here in Essex with the SSCA.   Fingers crossed that we will have a good turnout and great weather.  Pass the word…

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