Yes!!! More time on Pandora coming up!

I have really struggled over the last month to come up with new ideas to post as I have been house bound getting our home “staged”,shown, sold and then packed and ready to vacate by the, what is now set as a late March closing.  Add to that a need to find somewhere to live.   Don’t you just hate that home base thing? It seems that we do have a land base to escape to as living on a boat full time probably wouldn’t be a good idea for us.

Actually, as I believe I have noted in past posts, friends of ours that maintain a land home and also spend a good deal of time aboard cruising, have said that keeping a shore base to visit for as much time as needed, is a good way to keep on happily cruising for many years.  It seems that while many couples chuck it all and move aboard for years of cruising bliss, a much safer bet for the long term is to split time ashore and afloat.  There are plenty of boats for sale in “paradise” abandoned after living aboard for a few years.

Well, I have often ordered “surf and turf” so applying that approach to living seems about right for us.  Besides, I am fond of Brenda and she would not be a happy camper on a boat full time.   They say that you can rationalize anything and for me the “split thing” sounds about right.  Besides, I am having trouble visualizing Pandora with a table saw, bench jointer, band saw…   You get the picture.  Add to that 5 looms and a gourmet kitchen aboard and, well, it’s not happening.

That’s fine.  And, while moderation isn’t my strong suit, it is definitely the best path right now.

So, Bob, how’s the sale of your home in NJ going?  Thank you for asking.

It’s proceeding well and the closing is scheduled for late March.  Oh, yes, we made an offer on that property in Essex that I wrote about the other day and, after a bit of back and forth, we settled on terms and will likely move in late March or early April.   Wish us luck.

So, what’s this have to do with summer sailing and what about “more time on Pandora!”?

The home that we have chosen is in very nice shape so I won’t be all stressed with a renovation and can focus on some fun sailing this coming season.  In particular, I expect that to be able to squeeze in a short trip to Maine to participate in the Corinthians Summer Cruise.  That should be fun and an opportunity to have a few buddies accompany me for the trip as Brenda will be hanging out with her weaving friends while I am away.    We agreed that as she’s about to be away on Pandora for most of the time between September and April that she would not be going to Maine this summer.  That’s not to say that we won’t be doing some nice trips aboard together prior to our departure, just not the Maine run.

Now all I have to do is to get packing so that I can find time to install Pandora’s new watermaker and to address the myriad items that always come up when preparing for the coming season.   I won’t bore you with a rag list of “to-dos” as there will, no doubt, be many posts going into nauseating detail on each step along the way.

As I mentioned, our new home will be in Essex CT, a place that we have visited many times.  We have visited Essex many times and have cruised the CT River often.  On one visit we headed all the way up to the Goodspeed Opera House and got a number of wonderful shots along the way.

The bank of the river is lovely and very green.

Wonderful old homes all along the way.

Not many tacky ones at all.  This one is a particular favorite.  What a site!

And, of course, the famous Gillette Castle.  Tacky perhaps but so “theatrical”.  About right or it’s first owner.

And, the historic Goodspeed Opera house.   Actually a very short ride from our new home in Essex.

Of course, water isn’t the only way to get around these parts.  This small plane was fun to watch as the pilot practiced landing and taking off on the river.

We will also be close to Mystic CT as it’s so close to Essex so I’ll close with a bit about  Mystic Seaport, a spot that we hope to spend more time in now that we will be living nearby.

One of our favorite things to do is an evening cruise aboard Sabino, a lovely steam ferry that has it’s home port at the seaport.  I took this photo one evening last summer when Brenda and I were cruising around for one of usual cocktail cruises in our dink.

But wait, there’s more.  How about a fun video of Sabino’s 100th anniversary at the seaport?

Perhaps a good way to close is with a shot of a “beginning”, breakfast aboard Pandora.  Yes, a bit out of kilter, but hey, blame the photographer.  Beginnings?  Make that “new beginnings”.  Yes, there will be lots of these for me and Brenda this year. I can’t wait!!!  Now, on to packing.  Ugg…


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