Where to live? So many choices.

Over the last few days we once again headed up to CT to look at homes where we might move now that our home in NJ is under contract.  Unfortunately, the septic failed on our NJ home but all it will take is money to make that right and get the sale done.   Or, that’s what our agent is telling us.  I cling to that line of thinking.  They say that once your home is under contract (I won’t say sold because that’s not the case till the check clears) that you divorce yourself from the home and move on.  That’s certainly the case for me as I am already “gone” and am preparing to move on.

The big question now is where do we want to live.  There are so many issues that matter to us in a new home and it’s location that it has been very difficult to find a home that is suitable.   Brenda is a weaver so she needs a studio.  Actually, check out her blog at www.argoknot.com.  Me, I am an amateur woodworker, so an area for a shop is key.  We also love to entertain, especially weavers and boaters so we also want a terrific kitchen for those all important parties.

Beyond that, we need to be close to the water so we can get to Pandora easily.  And, as Pandora is registered in RI we have to be sure that we can get to her there as keeping her in CT for more than the maximum 60 days allowed during the commissioned season is a no-no.

Also, and very important is that one of our sons lives in Manhattan and the other in Fairfield CT.  Our parents are also in assisted living in Bridgeport and we want to be close enough for regular visits with everyone.  Well, you get the drift.  A lot of caveats which make finding a home really tough.

On top of all of this the home needs to be affordable, whatever that means now that I am on, shall we say, “a restricted income”.

While this is a nautical blog, perhaps a photo of the house that is the current leading contender, in Essex CT and only few miles from the CT River and about a half hour to Mystic.

After looking at some 50 homes over the last few months between Essex CT and Wickford RI, this one has risen to the top of the pile, for now.    As the closing on our NJ home is scheduled for late March I guess it’s almost decision time.

Oh, and did I mention that this home abuts a large nature preserve.  No water, beyond a stream, actually more of a swamp, in the woods behind the house.    However, I guess that the water view from Pandora will have to do the trick.

Speaking of water views from Pandora.  How about this one from one of our visits to Maine.   Too bad that our budget won’t support this view.   Well, actually, we could get a view like this if we were willing to move up to Maine.   Hmm…  No wait.  Here’s an idea.   We can go places with views like this aboard Pandora.  Now, that’s a plan.


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