Today’s Weather: New Jersey vs Georgetown Bahamas? Hmm…

It’s Saturday morning here in lovely Upper Saddle River, NJ and I am looking out at snow accumulating quickly on the back patio.  With 5-6 inches in the forecast and temperatures in the 20s I can’t help but think about what the weather might be like in Georgetown Bahamas, where we plan to visit next February.

While only just over a year away, and closer than ever for me and Brenda, it does seem like going to the Bahamas would be about as likely as a trip to Mars given today’s weather.

However, it is only a YEAR away and I have never been able to say “we are going to the Bahamas next winter, for three months, actually” and I am excited about that plan, to say the least.

Yes, I am going to say “WE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS” three times with my eyes closed, click my heals together…  Oh well, still looking out at the snow.  Yes, it is a year from now and I will just have to be grown up about it.

On a brighter, more immediate, note we are just about ready to put our home on the market and prepare for our move to eastern CT or RI some time this summer.  The plan is to downsize in a less expensive area that is closer to the water. We are very excited about this move but are nervous as we have lived here for 22 years and it’s a big change to be sure.   Did I say that we have tons of stuff to sort through prior to the move?  Throwing away 22 years of stuff is good.

Anyway, back to the weather and the Bahamas.    Here are the two forecasts next to each other.  Which is better?  I guess that’s for you to decide.

Georgetown:  Sunshine and clouds mixed. Slight chance of a rain shower. High near 80F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

Upper Saddle River:  Cloudy with snow. High 29F. Winds NNE at 10 to 20 mph. Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches

Hmm…  Tough to pick.

Perhaps these two videos will make the point clearer to you.   This one of a typical day in the Bahamas in the winter.  Actually, this video is about as exciting as one of those tropical fish screen savers.   Works for me.

A trip to the grocery store today here in lovely NJ.

Gee, it’s so hard to decide.

No, I’ve decided.  I like swaying palms better.  And about that ice.  It’s better in a G&T.

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