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>While I am between cruises on Pandora I follow a number of sailing blogs and also listen to a terrific podcast from Martinique.

Speaking of Pandora, I am looking forward to next weekend when my younger son Chris and a college friend will join me for a weekend out of Mystic, where Pandora is now. The plan is to head out to Block Island for the weekend. I can’t wait!!

Two world class sailors, Steve and Linda Dashew are prolific writers, designers who have sailed all over the world. They have since traded in their sailboat and are cruising on a 90′ powerboat, the latest in their long line of fast, narrow energy efficient yachts. Their current boat “Wind Horse” is a 90′ very narrow, easily driven aluminum yacht that they are traveling the world on. They keep a regular blog and their most recent posting on June 2nd has them in Norway. Their blog has some really wonderful photos and some great tips on ocean cruising. Check them out at http://setsail.com/category/dashew-blog/ . For some really great photos of Wind Horse, check this out. http://dashewoffshore.com/fpb_first.asp What a boat.

What a terrific looking yacht Windhorse is…

Susan and Tom Maddigan have been cruising between New England and the Bahamas for several years and while they don’t post very often, they do have quite a bit of activity from their time on Brilliant. Check them out at http://www.sailbrilliant.blogspot.com/

Tom and Susan have covered a lot of miles with Brilliant. The are on their way north now.

Listing to podcasts is a relatively new activity for me but I absolutely love Yacht Blast which is a weekly radio show from a station in Martinique in the Caribbean. What a great thing to listen to while thinking of warmer climes. The host Gary Brown covers a great many topics including local sailing news and major events and races around the world. Great fun. You can go to I-tunes or to this link. http://www.yachtblast.com/#/podcasts/4526520265 Gary posts each Monday and I have subscribed by doing to I-tunes and it automatically loads onto my I-pod each week.

I am always on the lookout for fun sailing podcasts to listen to so please let me know of any that you like.

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