>Pandora and Papeete, what’s the connection?

>Yes, it’s an odd title for a blog post.  Let me explain.   Two years ago Brenda and I were sailing in Maine aboard Pandora and had stopped for the night in Merchants Row on our way back to Rockland.  As I have mentioned in past posts, it is my habit to introduce myself to someone in most anchorages that we visit.  It’s amazing to me that most folks never stop over to say HI (at least us) but when I introduce myself, nearly everyone is very inviting.    That’s not to say that I end up chatting with everyone that I approach, but it’s clear from the first few moments if we will hit it off or not.  Besides, it’s so much fun to enjoy a “sundowner” with someone else to learn about their experiences along the way.

So, why am I bringing this up?  Or, put it another way  “BOB, GET TO THE POINT!”.

Ok, Ok, back to Maine two years ago.  I looked around for someone to say HI to and decided that the boat nearby flying a flag from Germany seemed like a good option and made the decision to stop by in the morning to introduce myself.  However, not to approach empty handed, I mixed up a batch of biscuits, and I do make great biscuits, to bring as an “ice breaker”.  Besides, with an offering in hand, who wouldn’t invite me aboard for coffee.  I would, for sure.

So with the biscuits about ready, I was about to jump into the dink and what should happen but the German boat pulled up their anchor and motored out of the harbor.  What to do?  Hmm…

All was not lost as I then noticed another boat that had been partially hidden by a big schooner and it too was flying a flag that I did not recognize.  Quickly I looked it up on Google and, what do you know, they were from Austria.    Now it was getting interesting so off I headed, biscuits in hand or should I say biscuits in mixing bowl, to say hello.

The couple, Josef and Eva aboard Sanuk II, told me that they were on a world cruise and that Maine and the Eastern Coast of the US was just the beginning with plans to transit the Panama Canal and cross the Pacific.   I hurried back to retrieve Brenda and the four of us had a great visit.  In the course of conversation we learned that they were headed to the Chesapeake and wanted advice on where to leave their boat for a few weeks while they headed back home to Vienna, Austria for a visit.   As we had kept Pandora in Annapolis a few times, I did know were they might be able to get a slip, made a few calls, and found a spot for them.

Well, it’s now two years later and, out of the blue, I get an e-mail yesterday from Josef with this photo of him and Eva in Hawaii.    Doesn’t he look like a sailor?  Perhaps a bit like a pirate actually.  Nice hat.

Josef reports that they are now in Papette, in the South Pacific.  Wow!  That’s a really long way from Maine and there they are.  No kidding.  Now, more than two years into their circumnavigation, they are about half way home.  Really impressive.  On top of that they look like they are actually getting regular showers.  Who knew?

Well, back to reality, here I sit here in New Jersey, it’s raining and 45 degrees.  Not exactly like the weather that our Viennese friends are enjoying.  However, there’s always next summer and our trip to the Bahamas to look forward to.

I guess that the moral of the story is to always make a point to say HI.  You never know who you will meet and where it might lead you.  I hope that Brenda and I have an opportunity to meet up with Josef and Eva again soon.  Perhaps in Austria.  Wait, that’s a landlocked country.  Never mind.

So, Pandora and Papeete, what’s the connection?   Glad you asked, I guess you could say that the connection is only a biscuit apart.

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