Ok, now we are really leaving and I MEAN it!

They say that cruising is fixing boats in exotic places and the end of this season is no different.  I’ve been dealing with engine cooling system problems for a few weeks now and yesterday as we left the marina the leak, that I thought was fixed, happened again.

So, back to the marina and a frantic look for a tech to solve the problem.  Why I didn’t think to find someone to put in the seals that I had purchased a few days ago is a mystery to me but I did find someone near the marina to come aboard and take off the water pump yesterday afternoon.

Talk about a guy willing to get his hands dirty.The offending water pump.  And yes, he was as sweaty as he looks.After a few hours of work the pump went back in.  Today, and it’s still early, he comes back to inspect and be sure that everything is still good.

Then, we head out (I hope) and this time we really mean it.

And again, with feeling.  Onward to Essex CT. Remember, you can follow the fleet at this link, and me, Pandora.

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