In Antigua and the Gang is all here, sort of…

Clement Town It’s Thanksgiving day, I’m here in Antigua but Brenda’s not… Pandora is on the dock with dozens of other Salty Dawg Boats.  The weather is a lot different here than back in CT and it’s another beautiful day. Ok, a little closer as Pandora hardly shows up next to that big cat.With all the delays in getting the Salty Dawg Fleet to Antigua, half of the month of November has come and gone.  Holiday plans were upended and many found themselves away from family, well at least those who’s family didn’t fly to Antigua.

I am not sure how many boats are actually here or will be very soon, but perhaps it’s about 60-70.  Hard to say without a laborious review of the tracker page showing the tracks of 100 boats.

Anyway, here I am and Brenda’s not…

As we got closer to Antigua I sent out a barrage of emails to those who I had been working with to cobble together as many events as possible before I was to fly out on December 1st.  Sadly, the day that we tied up on the dock was the day that our events, as originally planned, were to end and I was to fly back home with Brenda for Thanksgiving.  It was weird to know that I had just arrived and my two paid for seats on a flight home were going to leave, unused that very day.

So, of the 18 events that I had put in place months ago had to be re-scheduled but I was only able to fit in 9, one every day until my departure.  More to come, as there will be plenty of our boats still on the island for the holidays.

Last night North Sails put on an open house with a local jazz band.  Andrew, the proprietor, also invited folks from the Antigua Yacht Club and others from the island.  It was a huge success. This evening Angie, over at the Antigua Yacht Club is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and I expect that it will be packed now that most of the boats are here in Antigua.

There are still events planned for every day until I leave including an arrival dinner at The Admiral’s Inn and a special welcome event here in Nelson’s Dockyard where most of the Salty Dawg boats are tied up.  I have been working with the Commissioner of the National Parks and understand that the Minister of Tourism, Charles Fernandez will be with us as well.  It will be a fun event.

As fun as all this is, I have to say that not having Brenda here with me is a bummer but with the arrival of the fleet pushed back so far and the approaching holidays, she just has too much on her plate with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, pun intended, for her to fly down and join me.

However, she is with our son Chris and his partner Melody in NYC enjoying Thanksgiving.  At least I can video call in.  I’m looking forward to that.

So, that’s about all and at least I can say that the Gang is all here, sort of…

I’ll make the best of it for now and look forward to a video call at least.

It is a beautiful day…

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